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We, Gunyang ITT, have been leading automotive interior machinery industry in Korea as Venture, INNO-Biz, and National 1000 Innovative Company.

Gunyang ITT was established in 1990, when Korea automotive industry was just start to the world, and we keep growing together with the development of Korea’s automotive industry up to now when the Republic of Korea to produce an annual 500 million cars are the world’s fifth largest produce in 2022.

Gunyang ITT has been eventually building up a presence as a leader in the field of technology for the automotive interior machine area with 60% of the domestic market share. At the first onset to export to Poland in 1994, we are exporting our machines in 23 countries around the world, including automotive powerhouse such as Europe, the United States, and Japan through this effort and successful result. We improve our brand awareness on global market. To achieve our strategy aim which is occupying 10% of the global market in 2025, we are push forward vigorously on our work.

In 2014 October, we move to larger facility located in Mieum Industrial complex. This headquarter was established as a prime bowl to hold employee’s dreams and passion. It composed with main office building, factory building and dormitory for working life to pleasant conditions.

And this new Mieum factory offers employees convenient and pleasant environment to work in. Since its foundation, while we had spent hard time for 30 years, we have accumulated technology, credit and customer confidence.

Gunyang’s Mieum Era, we start the secondary management stage in accordance with catchphrase “Good people, Great work, Attractive company” as the new challenges for the future. We have pioneered automotive interior machine field in Korea which was an industrial wasteland 30 years before. We believe that Gunyang ITT opened a new chapter in Korea automotive interior machine field and we changed industrial wasteland to possibility industry.

On newly the secondary management stage, we pursue satisfaction , happiness of employees, and coexistence with people through work. And also we will bring an impression to customer with masterpiece machine, service. Accordingly, we , Gunyang ITT , will grow into the global company and small but strong business.